Doris Capurro at the Global Power Markets Conference in Las Vegas

In the city of Las Vegas, a new edition of the Global Power Markets Conference was held on April 10 and 11, a prestigious meeting aimed at debating and deepening about the crucial problems for the development of electricity markets. Doris Capurro (LUFT Energía)  was one of the main speakers of the event that took place at The Wynn Las Vegas.

Round table

Capurro formó parte del panel de discusión acerca de la “Evolución de los mercados de poder y la política energética”, en el cual se compartieron diferentes posturas sobre cuál será el papel de los generadores de combustibles fósiles a medida que los costos de energía renovable continúen disminuyendo, o qué tan pronto cambiarán las nuevas tecnologías, los modelos comerciales y las amenazas competitivas de forma permanente la forma en que el sector de la energía eléctrica hace negocios.

Doris Capurro junto al moderador del panel de Global Power Markets.Doris shared the panel, moderated by Jerry Bloom (Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP) with industry benchmarks such as Eric Martel (President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Quebec), Hans Kobler, (Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners) and Chris Moser (Vice President of NRG Energy).

From the point of view of the president of LUFT, the decrease in the costs of installing solar and wind energy, the technological and digital revolution, the greater awareness of consumers about the importance of climate change, the abundance of natural resources renewable, are some of the reasons for the growth of renewable energies, which always exceed all forecasts.

“The fall in the price of a barrel of oil in 2015 has also been a determining factor for the unrestricted takeoff of renewable energies. Cycles like that were always there, but at that time the main leaders and leading companies concluded that the solution was not to fire people but to innovate, invest in technology and optimize productivity. Today we follow that same line, looking to invest in alternative sources of energy, “said Capurro.

The new world context

In addition, different indicators were analyzed to understand how the industry is responding to the change derived from the boom of renewable energy sources, with important actors such as India and China leading ambitious processes to promote the use of solar, wind, biogas or biomass

Together with Capurro, the rest of the industry leaders that participated in this round table also raised the new opportunities for growth and investment in the energy markets

Members of the panel

ModeraTor: Jerry Bloom, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP 

Doris Capurro, President and Chief Executive Officer of LUFT Latam

Eric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Quebec 

Hans Kobler, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Energy Impact Partners

Chris Moser, Vice President of NRG Energy 

Doris Capurro speaking at AIREC conference.Premios de la publicación Bonds and Loans.